Giovanni Muzio (kesson) is an artist and researcher, graduated in New Media Arts. In his work he defines time as an abstract dimension, where matter is created and evolves continuously in imaginary landscapes. He works mostly with algorithms, mathematical formulas, in the intersection of order and chaos. The unpredictability of randomness and fortuity is mixed with the order and aesthetics of maths, in a combination that leads to poetic hallucinations, often in synergy with the sounds. The audience is a fundamental part of his work, which is often actively involved in work itself.

He exhibited in several international conferences and festivals of Electronic Arts, including Sonar Reykjavik, International Conference on Live Coding, JSNation Amsterdam, Live Performers Meeting and Flussi Festival. With an upcoming exhibition in Los Angeles at World of Light, he got featured in international galleries and art networks, like Nyx Gallery in Boston (USA), raster-media, Dong Gallery Taipei, LaLaPort Yokohama, ATMOS Tokyo and FRAMED*. He co-founded mediaintegrati, an Italian group of artists in which he was also a former member.

His aesthetics is minimal nevertheless it is also inspired by the uncanny quality of complexity, synthesized in geometric shapes with few colours, lines of lights, real data converted in abstract geometries, inspired by the cyberpunk and Sci-Fi imaginary.

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