Giovanni Muzio (kesson) is an artist and researcher, graduated in New Media Art, whose work is focused on the concept of evolution. For this means he suggests that art should be ready to accept change as a dynamic engine taking place in the world that constantly feeds our dialogue with complexity.

He exhibited and performed in several international festivals of Electronic Arts, including Sonar Reykjavik, LPM and Flussi Festival in Italy, showcased in international galleries, like Nyx Gallery in Boston (USA), and released on artistic platforms such as raster-media and FRAMED*. Also, he co-founded mediaintegratri, an Italian artistic group in which he was also a member for few years.

His aesthetic is inspired by the uncanny quality of complexity, synthesized in minimalist shapes with few stylized colors, dots and lines connected in polymorphic rhizomes, geometries carried out from the poetic beauty of mathematics and artificial intelligence, making the experience itself intangible and fleeting, a constellation of data receding.

Permanent exhibitions

Selected video works