Ch'i - Cosmic Breath

2016 - Installation

Concept, design and development: Giovanni Muzio & mediaintegrati

Ch'i - Cosmic Breath - Photo courtesy of mediaintegrati

The dragon in the East, called Long, is a bearer of positivity and wisdom, is the reincarnation of the Yang and is invoked in periods of drought because it brings rain, therefore hope.

The artist (the laboratory) with a visionary look knows, however, that Yang is only part of the whole. In fact, working on the dragon has also emerged the part in the shade, the Yin, which brought out the signs of the global crisis, cadenced by the loss of thousands of human lives, the events of those who, trying tenaciously to survive, leave their Country: migrants.

Becoming a spokesperson for the flow of the Net through migrants (in all languages), this interactive relational sculpture translates bits into atoms: the dragon's breathing, formalized through the brightness of the internal leds, will change in intensity at each sharing of the hashtag #migrants, creating a relational anthropological flow.

The laboratory thus becomes an energetic catalyst that intercepts tensions, disharmony, crises, which, bent to restore harmonious equilibriums (Yin and Yang), are transformed into pretexts to achieve alternative aesthetic solutions. The dragon, therefore, symbol and receptor of multiple meanings, conveys the energies and the flows, it is the - Ch'i - Cosmic Breath, the awareness of being immersed in a shared world.


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