Cuore / Anima

2013 - w/ mediaintegrati


Cuore / Anima - Photo courtesy of mediaintegrati

Cuore / Anima is a site-specific complex work of art for the Art Hotel Gran Paradiso in Sorrento that represents a symbiosis between two universes of meaning: the digital world, consisting of electronic modularity, and the popular iconographic universe. The pixels extrapolated from the web are transferred to the real world, making them tangible, to give it further meaning: the red cubes are used to reproduce the pop symbol of love, the heart. From this theory, the two installations are born in close dialogue with each other: Heart and Soul (Cuore e Anima).

The symbols of the heart and of the cube are aesthetic expedients to bring a complex reflection on a common territory where to produce the meeting with (and between) each participant.


Cuore, installation - Photo courtesy of mediaintegrati

Cuore is a luminous pulsing sculpture, placed on the roof of the hotel as a beacon of feelings for all sailors and for those who cross the scenic areas of Sorrento coast. It consists of 27 "pixels" arranged to form an 8-bit heart.


Anima, installation - Photo courtesy of mediaintegrati

Anima is composd of about 400 red cubes in plexiglass and is an anamorphic sculpture because, viewed from a certain point of view, it reveals the image of a heart. It has been placed inside the innermost room of the hotel lit only by the pulsating light of the installation and allows the spectator to physically cross it.

The installation also represents an overcoming of digital aesthetics: the pixel is intended as a functional module for the life of a more complex organism; a collective organism made of a relationship between the parties and between the parties and the territory.


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