Festa dell'Incanto

2016 - Event / Site specific installation

Concept, design and development: Giovanni Muzio & mediaintegrati

Festa dell'Incanto, Animaled in the garden - Photo courtesy of mediaintegrati

For the Festa dell'Incanto the garden of the Matarese villa gives visual form to the poetry of dreams through aesthetic devices with which to immerse oneself in a middle dimension, built by interactions and emotions. La Nuvola, the messenger of the sky, ancient companion of the sailors and modern aggregator for the Internet users, but also the container of a vital element like water and nourishment of many childish fantasies, is the generative logo of a queen nature, iridescent and unpredictable: between the clouds gather all the forms and each one rediscovers their dreams. So the cloud is the sign that guides citizens in an unreal path full of suggestions that bring the minds back in time, to a carefree era.

The enchantment of the place is enhanced and amplified by the presence of small unreal creatures, Animaled, which gently lighten the garden by immersing the villa in an atmosphere full of charm. In this garden of delights we are welcomed by Ch'i, a huge dragon tied to the darkness of the Yin of migrants and of anyone leaving their country by obligation or necessity. The Dragon embraces everyone with a deep and rhythmic panting, but his Cosmic Breath often goes into trouble because it is inextricably connected to the Net and to the hashtag #migranti expressed in all its forms. However, its multicolored skin is crossed by a white light that pulsates in sync with the breath, the light of the Yang, emanating a sign of positivity and wisdom that, like the clouds, is invoked in periods of drought because it brings rain.

The crossing of the place thus becomes a spiritual catharsis with the sky, towards which Monte di Procida is extended, and with the sea, a living element that has always linked an entire community.


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