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2018 - Immersive Installation w/ MOBGEN:Lab

Text and images courtesy of MOBGEN:Lab

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Kakushin is an immersive experience that speculates on a future where our health holds culture value, where we can spend one remote day a week in virtual space, and where shipping data is open-sourced for sustainable rerouting. Experimenting with blockchain, IOT, machine learning and open-sourced data, these technologies show us new ways to value those things we don’t always prioritise, like healthy hearts or a greener world.


The Kakushin project is comprised of three main elements. Open Terra, Heartbeat Miner and Meditation VR.

Kakushin is a project that combines three features to create one powerful immersive experience – Remote Forest, Heartbeat Miner and Open Terra. Each of these features have their own unique characteristics, however, they all inter-relate to create a single entity which sheds light on important contemporary issues.

Kakushin is not only an inspiring immersive experience, but it also intervenes in corporate culture, challenging how business and industry see the future. The three experiences each respond to typical corporate themes such as Mobility, Health, or Climate, but they present those topics in unexpected ways to shake and reverberate among an audience that may have found themselves lost in the daily grind of technological iteration.

Each experience challenges how we see the future. Remote Forest reverses our thoughts on mobility, suggesting that perhaps the future of mobility is actually staying in one place.

Heartbeat Miner challenges the health industry, provoking us to imagine a world that puts monetary value on our current health, rather than the devices and drugs that heal us.

Finally, Open Terra imagines a non-competitive and open-sourced world that prioritizes sustainability. These projects aren’t simply visual stimulation, but they intellectually challenge how we see the future of humans’ relationship with technology.

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