2019 - present

live coding visual performance

.superformula is a live coding performance in which the visuals are based on mathematic formulas, Lissajous curves, trigonometric abstractions and supershapes, with the sound key element of the set. The result is a sound reactive visual experience made by minimal abstract geometries, lines of light, clusters of data in a shared hallucination.

The audience is an active part of the set, as everyone can synchronize their own phone with a website provided, without downloading any app. It displays some visuals synchronized to the main one of the performance, all beating at the same time, expanding the feeling of being part of something bigger.

Seen at:

2019 - Algorave, International Conference on Live Coding 2019 (Madrid, ES)

2019 - Processing Community Day NL (Amsterdam, NL)

2019 - TOPLAP 15th birthday, worldwide streaming

2019 - Algorave, Drop The Milk (Utrecht, NL)


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