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2018 - present

custom software for live visual performances

Visuals and programming: Giovanni Muzio (kesson)

.superformula is a custom software for live visuals, based on the supershape by Paul Bourke. The main formula was first proposed by Johan Gielis around 2000, suggesting that the formula can be used to describe many complex shapes and curves that are found in nature.

The software was inspired by a paper written by Paul Bourke in 2002 (link below), and it follows the maths part of the proposed formula in 3D spaces. The main shape of the entire structure is randomly chosen by randomized algorithms, switching between many types of visualization (spacing between superformula driven shapes to perlin noise and random driven shapes), all mixed in a sound reactive environment controlled by the performer.

Like the complexity of the world today, this software is never at the end stage, and will be always developed with new shapes, ideas and algorithms.

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